The company Fabio Colombini Nature Photography was created in 1988, becoming a photography agency with a collection of images specialized on nature – fauna, flora and landscapes of the brazilian ecossystems. Aside from environmental themes, there are also subjects such as agriculture, tourism, culture, energy, archeology, geology, indigenous, among others. The indexing and tabulation of the archive is made with precise informations of location, time and cientific data, in portuguese and english.

The images are used in various ways like books (art, didatic, paradicdatic), websites, magazines, newspapers, calendars, publicity, pictures (posters, decoration, fine-art), educational games, etc. The searches can be made directly on the website, without the need of an access password. There is also a team that can answers questions and assist on the searches, and inform the prices of the images that vary according to the type of utilization.

Hints for search:

- To find an image, type one or more keywords on the tab SEARCH. After clicking on a presented image from the results page, it will be zoomed and accompanied by a descriptive caption. Clicking on the lamp symbol, the image will be sent to a Light Box, which can be saved and sent to any e-mail through a presented link;
- You can choose between 20 to 120 images to be shown simultaneously on the screen, on the search results;
- The use of various keywords simultaneously, specifies the search. For exemple, by typing "cerrado landscape Goiás", pictures of cerrado’s landscapes from Goiás will be shown. By typing "bird sun Pantanal", pictures of Pantanal’s birds at sunrise or sunset will be shown. By typing "city são paulo aerial", aerial pictures of São Paulo will be shown;
- Always type words on singular;
- Type words with or without accent, with or without hyphen, capital or tiny letters, with c or ç;
- The search only finds correctly spelled words. Therefore, there will be no results for Ammazon or auberjine;
- In case of negative answers or difficulties on the localization of images, send us an e-mail with the photographic agenda;
- The tool SEARCH BY SUBJECT allows you to find separate images by big themes, divides on sub-themes. For example, click on the "landscapes" icon, and then on the state parks icon, and finally on the SP icon for the State Parks from the State of São Paulo to appear.

All the images have the autorship of Fabio Colombini and Sofia Colombini, and their controlled use is protected by the copyright law 9.610/98.